ffrf-maine-chapter-photo-3-300-dpiFFRF Maine Mission Statement

FFRF Maine is the Maine chapter of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, a national organization based in Madison, Wisconsin that supports separation of church and state. FFRF Maine is a state wide organization based in Brunswick, Maine. We work to promote a secular world view that supports true religious freedom for everyone and opposes laws being made based on a particular religion’s beliefs.

The United States was the first country to write a secular Constitution that guarantees every citizen the right to believe in the religion of their choice or to believe in no religion at all. First Amendment violations are accelerating as the religious right continues to work to advance fundamentalist Christianity at taxpayer expense, attack our secular public schools and take away the civil rights of believers and non-believers alike. Some of the violations we oppose are teaching Creationism in public schools, allowing the Good News Club to teach religion in public schools, government funding of sectarian institutions and the religious right’s war against equality for LGBT people, women, and a woman’s right to choose.

FFRF Maine provides a place for freethinkers to get to know other like-minded people, something that is especially important now that you may have many thoughts to share. Socializing with like-minded people includes going out to dinner, movie nights, attending a lecture, going for a hike, or just going out for lunch after the monthly meeting. We also work to raise the public’s awareness of the danger to individual freedoms created when government makes laws based on religion.

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