Invitation: An opportunity to talk to interested people about non-belief.

The chapter will have a table at the Common Ground Community Fair in the Social & Political Action Tent. We really need your help to talk to interested people about non-theism and the importance of the separation of church and state. The fair will be held on September 21, 22 & 23, Fri, Sat & Sun in Unity, Maine.

Talking to interested and interesting people who stop by our table to hear your point of view is fun, entertaining, invigorating and a productive way to spend 3 hours discussing what is most important to you. I will provide you with a pass for the day and you are free to wonder around the fair before or after your 3 hour shift. The shifts are 9-12, 12-3 and 3-6 on Fri & Sat, 9-12, 12-3 & 2-5 on Sun. Pick a 3 hour time slot that works for you and let me know so I can mail you your free pass to the fair. If you decide to help out just before the fair let me know and I will leave your pass at the gate.



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