Chapter’s montly discussion group

Sorry for getting this notice out so late. Marilyn and I were on vacation and organizing the event was put on hold.
The next Chapter discussion group will be at the library on this Sat, May 12 at 9:30. The group is and always has been to discuss how one knows what is true. What sources do we rely on, what needs within us guide our decisions, what objective, verifiable evidence do we have for the opinions we hold and how do those opinions help shape our world view, in both positive and negative ways.
To that end I want to reaffirm that the Chapter’s discussion group’s purpose is to attract those who like to discuss how one knows what is true, are questioning their faith or are having a difficult time coming out to family and friends as a non-theist.
As I have said before the group is not a debate about whether or not the supernatural exists, how the universe started, where do morals come from and any other subjective, unverifiable topics.
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