Rebuttal to Marc Thiessen’s Dec 2 KJ article blaming everything on Liberals

Rebuttal to Marc Thiessen’s Dec 2 KJ article blaming everything on Liberals.Read Marc Thiessen’s article in the KJ for context.

Marc Thiessen, former speech writer for War Criminal GW Bush, I too pity the poor Alabama voters because they have no political choice to make. They only have one viable candidate to vote for, a pro-abortion Democrat who prosecuted the thugs who killed 4 little girls when they bombed the Birmingham church, someone who continues to defend lives by protecting a women’s right to choose. The onslaught of Christian Evangelicals, including his opponent Roy Moore, is formidable in Alabama. They would force a woman to give birth to a child and then not support that child in any way. It seems to me “pro-life” really means “pro-birth”, and after that it’s strictly hands off.

In an earlier era, Roy Moore would have done the honorable thing and not placed the Ten Commandments in the Alabama courthouse in the first place and removed it when ordered to do so by a Federal Judge. In an earlier era Moore would have complied with the SCOTUS decision, like it or not, that legalized same-sex marriage. Clearly times have changed when a state Supreme Court judge will defy the US Supreme Court.

On the other hand the lawlessness of Moore and Trump are just what the Republican’s stand for, whether or not the Conservatives realize it. By refusing to step down, Moore is executing a playbook written three decades ago by Trump a playbook Trump is still following. During any one of the 13 incidents of sexual misconduct crimes Trump allegedly committed, Trump showed no shame simply because he is incapable of feeling remorse for anything he does or says. That playbook shows that if you have no shame and ignore calls to resign, you can survive any scandal. All you have to do is lie repeatedly, show no remorse when you are caught, deny them, too, and create just enough doubt that your supporters will feel justified sticking with you. Trump blames his opponents for conducting a political witch hunt to run him out of office. For Trump it is working like a charm. He forced his supporters to choose between power and principle, knowing full well that power would win out.

Today, with the cavalcade of revelations of sexual transgressions by politicians and celebrities, some Republicans are expressing belated regret that their party rallied around Trump but some are not. Sen. Lindsey Graham R-SC, said in Feb, 2016 that “I think (Trump is) crazy. I think he’s unfit for office” and “I think he’s a kook.” But in Nov, 2017 said “What concerns me about the American press is this endless, endless attempt to label the guy as some kind of kook not fit to be president.”

Conservatives not only elected Trump, they continue to make him an icon of the Republican Party. Now that Trump is in the White House he is gambling that Americans will eventually forget his misdeeds. And he is right, so far. Trump has paid no significant political price for his serial sexual misconduct.

Moore is following the Trump plan to the hilt: Deny the accusations, blame his opponents for carrying out a witch hunt and make his supporters complicit in his misdeeds through their disgusting rationalizations. “You can’t be a victim 40 years later,” said Rep. Ed Henry, R – Alabama “Mary was a teenager and Joseph was an adult carpenter. They became the parents of Jesus,” Alabama state auditor Jim Ziegler “blasphemously” declared.

As for Alabama’s Republican majority, they are left with one honorable choice; elect the only sane and progressive candidate who will protect Alabama citizens from themselves. Unfortunately, as voters in Kansas do, Alabama voters are likely to vote against their own interests.

They are in this terrible position because of the death of shame in America. For that, we can thank one man: Trump