Cookout / Potluck Invitation

You are invited to attend a cookout / potluck at Bob and Raisa’s house in West Bath on Sat, July 29 at 12 noon. Plan for cooking on the grill starting around 12:30 with lunch at about 1 PM.

Bob and Raisa are warm, open and very social people. They have a very nice house that Raisa designed the additions for and the setting couldn’t be better. We can gather on the porch that overlooks an expansive lawn with a tributary into the Kennebec River or eat indoors in the great room with the same awesome view in case of inclement weather. Also there are lots of walking paths over lots of acreage that provide a nice opportunity to walk off a little lunch and return for dessert.

Bob and Raisa hosted the cookout 2 years ago, everyone had a great time and the main question was “When were Bob and Raisa going to host another cookout?” Well that “when” is Sat, July 29th. If you went to the first one you know to expect to have a great time. If not, do yourself a favor and spend a summer afternoon with some like-minded friends in a relaxed, scenic atmosphere.

Please RSVP with Raisa by email at so we know how many people are coming, who is bringing what and for directions.



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