How To Support Separation of Church And State In Maine

Several people wanted to know how to support the separation of church and state in Maine. One of the key ways to help FFRF Maine’s online sites reach likeminded people is to post content every day. Search engines list online sites that post new content on a daily basis at the top of search results. The more daily content we have the higher we will appear on search results when someone is looking for groups like ours.

Here is a list of our online presence, the monthly column I write, and how you can help the chapter.

Website – – Follow us and post interesting content you find online. To follow the chapter, enter your email in the space provided on the left and click on “Follow FFRF Maine” just below. To post content, email me at I can list you as a contributor so you can post to the website.

You Tube – – Subscribe. It takes 100 subscribers to change our You Tube channel name to something like You Tube FFRF Maine. This will make it much easier for likeminded people to find us on You Tube.

Facebook – – Read and post comments. As with any Facebook page, interesting daily content encourages people to come back to see what else they might enjoy reading. If you have a Facebook page and find something the non-believer community would be interested in, I encourage you to “Share” that content on the chapters Facebook page.

Kennebec Journal – I write a monthly column, “In Reason We Trust”, for the Kennebec Journal / Morning Sentinel. If you read and like the column, post a comment online. This can be done anonymously through a Disqus account if you are more comfortable with that. Adding to the positive comments, and counteracting the negative ones, will help likeminded people find their voice as well. This may result in more people becoming chapter members or supporters. The Portland Press Herald, a sister paper to the Kennebec Journal, does not carry the monthly column. If you think the PPH readers would also enjoy reading the column, send an email to the editorial page editor Greg Kesich at

All “In Reason We Trust” column articles are posted at –