Thank you and the Portland Pride parade

Thank you all for setting up and being at the table at the U. Maine coexistence talk. It was really nice to see how many people showed up, even bringing their own literature on humanist values and coexistence to pass out. Without your collective efforts the Chapter would have had very little presence at the talk. Thanks for showing up and doing what I could not. I really appreciate it.

My apologies for this late, I mean really late, thank you letter. If I had an excuse, which I don’t, it would be Marilyn came down with pneumonia for a week right after the coexistence talk and, right after she recovered, my back went snap, crackle, pop. Let me tell you, pain meds are great for breakfast, lunch and dinner, NOT! I will most likely have minor back surgery next week. Am told it is outpatient, takes about an hour and a half but recovery takes 6 – 8 weeks.

At the May 20 meeting we will make final plans for the Sat, June 17 Portland Pride Parade. I asked who wanted to go but didn’t hear back from anyone, a little discouraging, but what a difference a day makes. Within 24 hours Tim volunteered to be at the table in the park, Kenneth volunteered to let us sell some of his freethinker books on consignment, Rick and Allison volunteered to film the chapter (can we say that in the digital age?) during the event and I will post the video on the chapter’s You Tube channel. It’s really nice to see what can be accomplished when just a few people volunteer for a couple of hours.

We will need to plan who is going to be where and when at the meeting but overall we are good to go. If you can’t make the meeting but want to help out with the parade, send me an email.