FFRF Maine Monthly Meetups

You are invited to attend our monthly Meetups on the 2nd Saturday of the month to share your concerns on the administration’s “War on Non-Believers” and anything else you care to share. For me that would be sea kayaking with MITA.
Our Meetups have about 30 min for chapter updates, depending on what the chapter has done and the amount of conversation with attendees. The rest of the time we socialize and go out for lunch afterwards where we can continue our conversations.
Starting in April our monthly Meetups will be held at other locations from Bangor to Portland, depending on interest. We will also have a monthly social event, (dinner, a movie etc.) on the 2nd Friday evening following the monthly Meetup, again depending on interest. This month, March, we will meet at the library in Brunswick on Sat the 11th from 9:30 AM to noon. Most people go out for lunch after the meeting and continue their conversations.
In April the Meetup is tentatively scheduled at the Portland Library at 5 Monument Square on Sat the 8th from 10 AM to noon. We will go out for lunch at a local restaurant after the meeting. The April social will be on Friday evening, April 21st at a Portland restaurant TBD.
Please let me know if you would like an FFRF Maine Meetup or social event to be held in your area. Depending on interest I will make that happen.