You are invited to dinner and a “Comedy Show”

You are invited to dinner and a “Comedy Show” on Thursday, Feb 23 starting at 5 PM. We can have dinner at the Run of the Mill Public House and Brewery at 100 Main St, Saco. (Website / Directions)

The “Comedy Show” is at the Cinemagic Saco, 779 Portland Road, Saco. Fathom Events is showing a comedy film on” IS GENESIS HISTORY?”

It is a well done comedy that delves deeply into the scientific fictional genesis (or how we got here) story in the 1st chapter of the bible, a collection of mythological fables.

With tongue firmly planted in cheek, the comedy shows “scientific and historical evidence” for Creationism and Noah’s flood from geology, biology, astronomy, archaeology, and much more, to “prove” everything in the known and un-known universe was created in 6 days.

Marilyn and I are going to this event. Who is interested in packing the theater with rational, objective people and having ourselves a laugh?

RSVP to the dinner, the “Comedy Show” or both.