“Can We REALLY Coexist?” panel discussion, U-Maine / Orono

Hi Everyone,

The date of the “Can We REALLY Coexist?” panel discussion to be held at the University of Maine / Orono is Wed, March 29th from 7-9 PM. The snow date is Wed April 5th.

There will be 6 panelists: Catholic, Evangelical Protestant, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist and Humanist/Atheist (represented by FFRF Maine). The panel discussion will be held in the 200 seat Nutting Hall auditorium. Student groups and other sponsors will set up tables with info about their group about 6 PM. Coffee and snacks will be available.

The following groups and organizations will have a table and be listed as co-sponsors of the event:

U-Maine Hillel, Muslim Student Association, Cru U-Maine, Black Bear Catholic, U-Maine Intervarsity, U-Maine Navigators, The Wilson Center, The Spiritual Coexistence Student Group and the Islamic Center of Maine.

I would like FFRF Maine to help sponsor this event with a $100 donation and have a table at the event. We will supply all the materials and talking points but we will need at least two people to be at the table to let attendees know what FFRF Maine is and what we do.

If you would like to help out, please let me know immediately. Brochures promoting the panel discussion will be printed this week. Having FFRF Maine listed on those brochures as a sponsor of / having a table at the event would really help people to know about us.