The latest “Downfall” parody: Trump learns about the size of his crowds

In case anybody’s wondering…Der Drumpfenfurher is going to use the US military to seize Iraqi oil fields “real soon now.” It’s one of those campaign promises he repeatedly made for the “first things first” part of his Residency, alongside getting rid of Obamacare (done), implementing a Muslim travel ban (done), gutting TPP (done), renegotiating NAFTA (in progress), building the Great Wall of Trump (moving as fast as he can), using shady accounting to make people think Mexico is going to pay for it (trial balloons floating), ridding Washington of career bureaucrats and replacing them with his own political cronies (“drain the swamp,” in full swing), and lots more.

Oh — and the first we’ll hear of the Iraqi invasion will be from social media of ordinary people watching the bombs fall around them. That was another of his big campaign promises — put the generals to work but not tell anybody about what they’re doing. Nobody in Congress is going to know about it in advance, either.

How do I know this? Because Senor Smallinpants has repeatedly said it all at the same time he said everything else he’s been busy doing, and I’m taking him both seriously and literally. Why doesn’t anybody else seem to realize what’s coming? Because they’re still not taking him either seriously nor literally….Posted by Ben Goren