FFRF Maine forecast of activities for 2017

Hi Everyone,

Thanks to everyone who has contributed their $10 annual membership dues or contributed to our fund raiser to help make parents aware of the dangers the Good News Club poses to their children. Those who are not members of the national organization, Freedom From Religion Foundation (annual dues $40 individual, $50 family, https://ffrf.org/get-involved/join-ffrf ) can become a member of FFRF Maine, ffrfmaine@gmail.com, for an annual contribution of $10, what a bargain.

Here is an FFRF Maine forecast of activities for 2017

What would you like to see FFRF Maine do in 2017? In 2016, we made a presentation about the Good News Club, had a table at the Common Ground Fair, started a monthly Kennebec Journal / Morning Sentinel newspaper column and participated in a panel discussion on religion.

Our 2017 plans add giving a secular invocation to the Maine House and Senate, making Hobby Lobby customers aware the company denies female employees contraception and possibly participating in another AIIA Institute sponsored discussion on religion. To accomplish this takes people and money; people to actively support your chapter and money to pay for materials and advertising. Actively supporting FFRF Maine does not mean you have to be an “activist” where you deliver a talk, go to the fair or write the column.

Participating in the chapter simply means you can help write the talks and invocations (as some people have done, thank you), help write the brochures for a GNC talk / Hobby Lobby protest, or making a small donation. If everyone could set aside an hour a week to keep religion out of our secular Maine government, or donate $5, the chapter would be in a better position to advance what you value.

To contribute the $10 annual dues, or make a general contribution, go to https://ffrfmaine.org/ , click on the “Donate” button and use PayPal or a credit card. You can also mail a check to FFRF Maine, 39 Gordon Lane, Litchfield, Maine 04350 or go to http://fnd.us/GoodNewsClub?ref=sh_26N5ub to support raising the public’s awareness of what the Good News Club does to children.

My “ask” is what value do you place on having an FFRF chapter in Maine? What, in terms of time and money, are you willing to “spend” on something you value? Everyone’s time and money are limited but think about your time. We often say we don’t have the time to support what we believe in but we all have all the time there is. What makes us feel we don’t have the time is how we prioritize our time. Where do you prioritize supporting the separation of church and state? The more you value keeping religion out of government the more likely you are to spend more time supporting that. An hour a week doing something to support the values you cherish would allow the chapter to accomplish so much more to advance the concerns that matter to you.

Mike Pence as VP, the appointment of Betsy DeVos as education secretary and the appointment of Jeff Sessions as AG go against what most people here support. Pence, who stated; “I’m a Christian, a conservative and a Republican in that order” (apparently being an American comes in no better than fourth, if at all), DeVos who has long championed replacing public education with publically funded Christian schools and Jeff Sessions who opposes abortion, same-sex marriage, civil rights, gay rights, affirmative action and is rated 100% by the Christian Coalition for a pro-Family Values voting record pose a real threat to religious coexistence. Through your support FFRF Maine can be more effective in opposing the attacks on the separation of church and state we can expect in the next four years.

Because FFRF Maine is a chapter of the national organization Freedom From Religion Foundation, the Foundation’s lawyers will help support our efforts to keep religion out of state government. Take a look at the Foundation’s newspaper, Freethought Today, to see the legal victories the Foundation has won for various states and know that FFRF Maine can accomplish the same. The Foundation can help you, through FFRF Maine, accomplish what you value. Please let me know if you would like a free copy of Freethought Today.–

Tom Waddell

President – FFRF Maine

Email – ffrfmaine@gmail.com

Website – ffrfmaine.org

Phone – 207-613-7080

“Our lives end the day we become silent about things that matter” Martin Luther King

“The proof that one truly believes is in action” Bayard Rustin