FFRF Maine at the Common Ground Fair

FFRF Maine had a booth at the Common Ground Fair over the weekend. We had a ton of people stop and, thanks to those who helped out, it was a great success. We had 13 people sign up for email notices and talked to several FFRF members who didn’t know there was an FFRF chapter in Maine and will become FFRF Maine members. We sold several books, buttons and pins and a couple of people made donations to help us with the work we do. We gave away well over 200 Freethought Today newspapers, almost all our stickers, passed out a lot of membership applications and a trifold about the talk on the Good News Club that FFRF Maine gave in Skowhegan in May. There was a lot of interest in and support for what we do and only 2 people who though the country was a “Christian Nation”.

Thanks to Gigi, Tim, Anna, Nate and Doug for helping out. Your input was most appreciated. It was refreshing and really interesting to hear all of you engage people in conversation supporting the separation of religion and government from your own perspective.  Everyone tells me they had a great time and had lots of productive and interesting conversations. Most people said they would help out again.

On that note, FFRF Maine will be going to more fairs next year. Someone who stopped at our booth goes to most of the fairs in Maine and said she sees 3 or 4 booths at each fair supporting the integration of one particular religion into our secular government. She encouraged us to provide a “fair and balanced” perspective at these fairs. To that end, maybe some members of the other non-believer groups in Maine could join us under a collective banner to support the separation of religion and government.

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