FFRF Maine will have a booth at the Common Ground Fair in the Social & Political Action tent, and we need volunteers to help run it. We are offering a free pass to the Fair in exchange for just two hours of talking to people who stop at our booth about a subject you know well – non-theism. Interaction with the public is relaxed, conversational and casual.

Sound easy? It is. It can also be a really rewarding experience to talk to warm, friendly people who support non-theism, are interested in learning about non-belief, or are believers who support the separation of religion and government. It can also be equally rewarding to educate believers who want to know how non-believers can be moral and cherish the marvelous world we live in without concluding there had to be a creator.

Are you up for a rewarding experience? Most non-theists are comfortable talking to people who do not believe in a god, but can you respectfully engage in friendly conversation with people who hold very different religious views than you do? Here is an opportunity to discuss non-belief with a believer in an informative, non-threatening manner. Just remember what Einstein said, “You don’t really know something until you can explain it to your grandmother.”

The Common Ground Fair in Unity, Maine, is an annual fair that helps farmers and gardeners: grow organic food, fiber and other crops; protect the environment; recycle natural resources; increase local food production; support rural communities; and illuminate for consumers the connection between healthful food and environmentally sound farming practices. The fair regularly attracts 50,000 to 60,000 people and provides space for a large number of social and political activist groups. These groups help people know about and understand the various social and political challenges that affect their lives.If having a fun day at the fair learning how you can be a better steward of planet earth and contributing two hours or more at the FFRF Maine booth engaged in friendly conversation about non-theism appeals to you, please send me an email at ffrfmaine@gmail.com or call me at 207-613-7080.