Good News Club Transparency Issues Surface Once Again

Hi All,
Kevin Davis from Secular voices just posted an article on Patheos about the GNC and highlighted some of the efforts FFRF Maine has made to protect children. This is the opening paragraph and a link to the full article is below. It is a good article, very well written and well worth reading. It also includes several links to prior articles, events and news stories for a broader perspective on the GNC and the importance of protecting our children.
Good News Club Transparency Issues Surface Once Again

Last year, I posted a summary of the antics the Good News Club engaged in to prevent or discourage public attendance of their meetings in Churchville, NY.  Among the methods used by the GNC were:

  • Barring entry to meetings (or portions of meetings) otherwise mandated to be open to the public
  • Requesting 2 weeks’ notice prior to visitors attending
  • Requesting visitors sign a contract that prohibits recordings of any kind — video, audio, and photo — and then calling the police when visitors refused to sign it
  • Lying to the police about the behavior of visitors in an unsuccessful effort to have them removed
  • Repeatedly taking photos of visitors during meetings, sometimes from very close proximity, in an effort to make them feel uncomfortable.