After School Satan Club could be coming to your kid’s elementary school

This is the link to the full Washington Post article. My reply is below.

FFRF Maine, the official Maine chapter of the Freedom from Religion Foundation, promotes a parents right to know what the purpose of any after-school program is before parents give permission for their child to attend. Every leader of after programs I have spoken with agrees, but the Good News Club does not. Brad Walker, the director of the central Maine chapter of the Child Evangelism Fellowship, said, “Everything people want to know is readily available on our website” and “It’s not hidden. If the issue is transparency, it’s available and there for anyone to read.”

FFRF Maine wonders why the “readily available” purpose of the GNC, to convert your child to a fundamentalist Christianity that is posted on the CEF website, is not stated on the parent permission slips. The club is being deceptive when it represents itself as a “fun-filled hour and a half for children after school that includes: dynamic Bible lessons, creative learning activities and life changing scripture memory”.

FFRF Maine’s position is after-school programs in public schools have the responsibility to tell parents what the purpose of the program is so parents can make an informed decision for their child. Since the goal of the Good News Club is clearly to convert children into a religion with a strict fundamental interpretation of the Bible, the parent permission slips need to inform parents so they can decide if they want to send their child to a religious program for conversion or not. If the club’s purpose is “readily available,” what does the CEF have to hide?

I know the good people from the Satanic Temple. They will teach children to think for themselves and will be completely transparent and truthful about what the purpose of their after school program is on their parent permission slips. Only then can a parent make an informed decision for their child.