FFRF Maine works to actively support freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and everyone’s right to practice their religious beliefs in their home or at their place of worship. We work to inform the public on the real danger to individual freedoms created when government makes laws that foster conditions favoring discrimination against any group or individual on the basis of their religious or non-religious beliefs. We also hold that public policies that ignore injustices created by the intrusion of religion into the public sector threaten social equity and respect for human rights.

ALL of these violations are taking place right now in Maine. The religious right has stealthily made significant inroads into YOUR sectarian government with their fundamentalist Christianity agenda. Does this constant onslaught from extreme right wing fundamentalist Christians who characterize ALL other religions as cults, including Catholics and all progressive Protestant religions, upset you enough to take action?

FFRF Maine takes action by working with people who believe change will NOT occur if the thinking, rational people here in Maine limit their “activism” to expressing their opinion amongst themselves on Facebook and other social media. We also take action by giving talks on the dangers of mixing religion and government at public venues, by marching in the Portland Pride Parade, by having a table and giving a talk at the Common Ground Fair, by educating Hobby Lobby customers that the company does not include contraception health benefits on religious grounds and by delivering a sectarian invocation to the Maine Senate and House.

If actively participating in any of these activities, or supporting them through a financial contribution  interests you, email FFRF Maine at ffrfmaine@gmail.com or go to https://ffrfmaine.org/. Remember, as Martin Luther King and Bayard Rustin, the organizer of the 1963 March on Washington, said;  “Our lives end the day we become silent about things that matter” Martin Luther King; “The proof that one truly believes is in action.” Bayard Rustin

FFRF Maine is open to all people regardless of faith or beliefs, nationality, race, sexual orientation, sexual identity, marital status, age or ability. We invite you to join us.