We stand together, opposed to religious groups using our public schools to recruit and indoctrinate children.

However, in our view, the most serious threat to children may be from Good News Clubs, which operate in thousands of public schools nationwide.

One of our primary goal is to raise awareness that Good News Clubs are operated by a national religious organization that uses public elementary schools to evangelize young children and convert them to an extreme version of fundamentalist Christianity. Since Clubs often misrepresent themselves as harmless, locally run Bible-story programs, we feel it is vital to provide more accurate information for parents, school officials, and concerned citizens.

FFRF Maine and Protect Maine Children help parents understand what the Good News Club actually teach and the potential harm to children who attend. We give school administrators information about their rights and responsibilities regarding these Clubs. And we provide concerned citizens with the tools they need to stand up against predatory proselytizing in our public schools.

FFRF Maine began in 2014. See our Home Page for more details.

We support freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and everyone’s right to worship as they please at home or at church. We also support the separation of church and state, and hold that public schools, which serve people of all beliefs in our pluralistic society, should be religiously neutral and free from evangelizing.

FFRF Maine is open to all people regardless of faith or beliefs, nationality, race, sexual orientation, marital status, age or ability. We invite you to join us.